Although there are numerous coil dealers around, improving your understanding of their different uses will help you make the most of the coils. Hot rolled steel is basically a steel variety produced in a mill for anyone not yet aware of the metal. The surface is usually not so lustrous and is therefore generally used for applications and projects where it is not so important to finish the structure. Although having a lusterless appearance does not necessarily imply that it will look boring and dull to the structures produced using this metal.

It is quite easy to identify steel coils because they generally have a dark grey appearance compared to other steel products that have a silvery blue or purple tint. Because of its color, one might feel that the strip is still hot to the touch. It is given a dark appearance by the hot rolling process through which the coils are produced.

What are the steel coils used for?

The steel coils find their applications in a variety of industries. Let us know the uses in detail:

Art Sculptures

Because of their unique finish, steel coils are commonly used to craft various art sculptures. In the entire sculpture, the steel sheets show colour variations so that one can provide the desired character. The next time you come across a structure with a rusted finish in your office building or hotel lobby, it might be made of SS 316L coils and after the material has rusted, a protective finish has been added.

Automobile Industry

SS 304L coils are widely used to manufacture truck frames and seat frames of different vehicles in the automotive industry. The automotive industries that produce this metal pass through the process of P&O (pickle and oiling), which not only prevents them from rusting, but also allows the car manufacturers to paint the vehicle according to their requirements.

In the automotive industry, the hot rolled pickle and oiling process has become very popular and the cleaning process of the mill scale is normally performed to remove black oxide scales from the metal. This enables the surface finish to be improved by making it evener and smoother.

Agriculture Equipment

The steel can be bent according to your requirements, but it depends on its grade in general. For manufacturing various farm machinery such as tractors and investors, the strength offered by SS 430 coils is used.

The grade of SS 316L coils provides better resistance to corrosion, good temperature strength and makes them suitable for use in different applications. Grade SS 430 coils, including nitric acid and certain organic acids, have good tolerance to a wide range of corrosive conditions. When in a highly polished or buffed state, it achieves its maximum corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel 321 Coils possess inter-granular corrosion, aqueous corrosion-resistant, and minimum carbon content.

Stainless steel 304L coils are used in Chemical Industries, Electrical Industries, Shaft Industries, Gas Industries, Cement Industries, Power Project etc..